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What I learned from this summer:

- STRETCH LIKE CRAZY (my lower body is terribly stiff); stretch IT band and calves 

- The major muscle groups to focus on are: back, chest and legs (with occasional compound workouts on abs) 

- To work on back (any pull actions like pull up etc); to work on chest (any push actions like varied push ups); to work on legs (squats, spin class etc)

- Varied cardio sessions are the best! (Spin Class, Swimming etc)

- Take ATLEAST one REST day for muscles to rest and recuperate 

I’m even more determined to get the body I want. I think I’m seeing a difference ever since I started weight training but I can do better! 

haven’t done these in a while… and my eating has been all over the place (oops) back on track now!

Cutting out processed food! But eating in moderation is key!!


- Two whole wheat sandwiches with a banana and honey (120 calories + 110 calories + 40 calories = 270 calories)

- 1/4 cup of 1% milk and strawberries (~50 calories)